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Concentrations of TA Prepped DNA

Cut topology Group 1 Concentration (ng/uL) Group 2 Concentration (ng/uL) (Group 3) (Concentration (ng/uL))
Sticky ends, 5' overhangs Orange Team (TR) 65.1 Red Team (WF) 59.5
Sticky ends, 3' overhangs Blue Team (TR) 73.9 Purple Team (WF) 60.6
Blunt Yellow Team (TR) 67.7 Yellow Team (WF) 60.7 Blue Team (WF) 60.4
Hybrid: 5' sticky upstream, blunt downstream Pink Team (TR) 65.9 Green Team (WF) 62.7
Hybrid: 3' sticky upstream, blunt downstream Red Team (TR) 65.5 Pink Team (WF) 74.3
Sticky ends with sequence mismatch Green Team (TR) 65.6 White Team (WF) 62.9
Sticky ends with sequence and topology mismatch BA Orange Team (WF) 62.8 not so BA Silver Team (WF) 53.0
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