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This is a proposed restyling of the materials page. I thought I would put it here to see what people thought before making it go live on the real page. Comments welcome. I just thought the page could be made more compact and easy to view. Feel free to retweak if you have a better idea. A similar thing could be done to the protocols page. My only concern is whether it makes it more difficult/intimidating for those new to wikis to edit? Which is definitely not what I want. -- RS



  1. Antarctic Phosphatase
  2. Alkaline Phosphatase

RNA Polymerases

  1. T7 RNA Polymerase
  2. T4 RNA Polymerase

DNA Polymerases

  1. Vent
  2. Taq
  3. Phusion

Restriction Enzymes

  1. Endy:Inventory

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