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# Grow the cells
# Grow the cells
# Wash with PBS
# Wash with Tris buffer
# Wash with silver nitrate
# Wash with silver nitrate
# Look for colour change
# Look for colour change
=== Controls ===
=== Controls ===

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Silver Biomineralization Assay

Here we present an assay to determine whether the AG4 Silver binding peptide is present in the outer membrane of E.coli.



  1. Grow the cells
  2. Wash with Tris buffer
  3. Wash with silver nitrate
  4. Look for colour change


  1. Chemically reduce silver nitrate to precipitate silver (tells us silver nitrate is precipitating)
  2. Lyse cells over-expressing AG4 and run assay (tells us if AG4 is precipitating silver)
  3. Wash non-AG4 cells with silver nitrate and look for colour change (tells us if precipitation occurs without AG4)
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