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Born in Toronto in 1979. Grew up there, and attended the University of Toronto (UofT, not to be confused with UT, which is some school in texas I hear). Graduated in 2002 with a BASc (BASc = bachelor of applied science = canadian engineering degree) in Biomedical Engineering from the Engineering Science program. For 3 summers in undergrad I worked for MDS Proteomics (which changed names to Protana Inc, and was bought out by Transition Therapeutics). I started grad school at MIT in Biological Engineering (BE) in the fall of 2002. In January of 2003 I joined Drew Endy's lab. I mainly joined his lab cause he seemed to be the craziest and most outside-of-the-box faculty member in BE. I was been loosely involved in the synthetic biology community there (although my research was not really synth bio related), including the sythetic biology working group, and I helped organize Synthetic Biology 1.0. I'm now working at Plectix BioSystems in Somerville MA, helping develop some cool software for biological modeling.

Ty on the Sam Adams brewery tour
Ty on the Sam Adams brewery tour


  • Beer brewing
  • Snowboarding
  • Mountain biking
  • Roller blading
  • Playing various team sports - hockey, football, softball (if that counts as a 'sport')

Things I'm good at that aren't quite hobbies

  • Sleeping
  • Washing dishes


Email Address
ty -dot- thomson -at- gmail -dot- com



  • Computational modeling of signalling pathways
  • Parameter sensitivity/identifiability
  • Microfluidics
  • Yeast pheromone response

Thesis Project



The Plectix Blog


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  • Stewart, I. I., Thomson, T., and Figeys, D. (2001). 18O labeling: a tool for proteomics. Rapid Commun. Mass. Spectrom. 15, 2456-2465 link on Pubmed
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