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<li>[[Construction Files | ConstructionFiles ]] </li>
<li>[[Construction Files | ConstructionFiles ]] </li>
<li>[[References_and_Papers | References and Papers]]</li>
<li>[[References_and_Papers | References and Papers]]</li>
<li>[[Parts Database|Parts Database]]
<li>[[UCBigem09-groupmtg|Group Mtg Presentations]]
<li>[[About_Us | About Us]]</li>
<li>[[About_Us | About Us]]</li>

Current revision

University of California Berkeley iGem 2009 Wetlab Team

All these protocols in one big list

Polymerase Reactions

Wobble Reaction
Cloning by PCR
PCA gene synthesis
Colony PCR

Cleanup Reactions

Regular Zymo Cleanup
Small-Frag Zymo Cleanup
Zymo Gel Purification

Digestions Reactions

EcoRI/BamHI Digest of Wobble Products
EcoRI/BamHI Digest of PCR Products
BglII Digest of EIPCR Products
Ligation of EcoRI/BamHI digests
Ligation of EIPCR digests
Analytical digests (Mapping)
EcoRI/BamHI Digest of vector plasmid

Bacteria Manipulations

Transformation by heat-shock
Picking of colonies


LR Gateway Transfers
What do I do with my sequencing data?
In Vivo Gateway
EcoRI/BamHI Transfer

Reaction Guides

SOEing with ProTips
Colony PCR

Binding/Display assay protocols

Streptavidin Display Assay - Microscopy - do longer in development
Streptavidin Display Assay - TECAN
Streptavidin Display Assay - ELESA - no longer in development
Streptavidin Display Assay - Photographing Pellets + TECAN
Surface-binding Assay
Growth Rate Assay
Flocculation Assay

Assembly protocols

Assembly Protocol

Miniprep Protocols

Machery-Nagel Miniprep purification of DNA
Quiagen Miniprep purification of DNA
Quiagen 8-strip Miniprep purification of DNA

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