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[[Undergraduate BE Board:'07-'08 T-shirts| T-shirts ]]<br>
[[Undergraduate BE Board:'07-'08 T-shirts| T-shirts ]]<br>
[[Undergraduate BE Board:Feedback| Feedback ]]<br>
[[Undergraduate BE Board:Feedback| Feedback ]]<br>
[[Undergraduate BE Board:Feedback| Constitution]]br>

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Welcome to the Undergraduate BE Board's wiki. We represent the undergraduate students of Biological Engineering at MIT.


Academic events
Social events
Calendar of Events

Discussion Forum


Upcoming Events


  • If you're interested in getting involved with the BE undergrad board, email us at busybeboard AT mit.edu

Goals of the Undergraduate BE Board

  • To represent the undergraduate's interests to the BE faculty
  • To create a community of students within the major
  • To organize social and academic events for BE undergrads
  • To identify and disseminate resources for choosing courses, finding UROPs, and learning about life (careers/grad school/med school) after MIT
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