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The Winning Design

The first BE undergrad t-shirts will sport the Biologically Engineered Animals, including the mooing turtle and two variations on the theme, an oinking whale and a !

Thanks to all those who voted. Please order your shirts now!

Pre-Order Your Shirt

Now you need to choose 1. Your Shirt Color (black/blue/green/brown) 2. Your Shirt Design (mooing turtle/oinking whale/ ) 3. Your Style (fitted/regular tee) 4. Your size (XS through XL fitted-style , XS through 2XL regular style) Note: The shirts will be American Apparel. (The girl's tees run a size smaller than normal.)

  • Since there is a new t-shirt design, you MUST RE-ORDER YOUR SHIRT if you would like a BE shirt this year.
  • Pre-orders will be accepted through Wednesday, February 27.

Projected Timeline

  • T-shirt pre-orders taken through February 27
  • Orders will be placed by the end of February
  • Stay tuned for a study break t-shirt distribution announcement!


  • You must pre-order your shirt by February 27
  • Your shirt can be green/blue/black/brown
  • You can choose one of three Biologically Engineered animals for your shirt
  • You can order regular or fitted (girly) tees in sizes XS through XL (American Apparel)
  • 2XL size is available in regular style tees
  • Price estimate of ~$10 to $15 per shirt
  • Distribution - Study Break will be hosted to deliver shirts
  • Any other questions? Email be-shirts@mit.edu


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