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#* are posters being ordered?
#* are posters being ordered?
#Link to BE Board from BE Webpage?
#Link to BE Board from BE Webpage?

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BE UG Board Meeting
Coffee House
Nov 19, 2008

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Curriculum Committee - no update yet from Cathy or Linda (still)
  3. ASA recognition -
    • need to meet with BE-BMES to discuss differences
    • schedule time?
  4. Tshirts for the semester - Bernice
    • set date for tshirt study break
  5. Course 20 Underground Guide - Emzo
    • set up committee?
    • how to move forward with this project?
  6. Associate Advising
    • group dinner postponed - official date = ?
    • room? time? confirmed?
  7. Study Breaks
    • Tshirts
    • Associate Advising
    • FINALS
  8. UG Lounge
    • people have asked for: athena computer, garbage cans, snacks, other?
    • are posters being ordered?
  9. Link to BE Board from BE Webpage?
  11. Other?
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