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Elections for the 2013 BE Undergraduate Board will be held during the end of semester study break on Wednesday December 12th.

Candidate platforms are due on Tuesday, December 11th. Platforms should be submitted to Jonathan Gootenberg at jgoot@mit.edu. After submission, platforms will be posted on the page.


The time commitment for all of the positions is about three hours a week. Responsibilities mainly include attending board meetings, sending emails to students and faculty, and attending events.

  • President:

Faculty go-to person, runs the board and bi-weekly BE meetings

  • Vice President:

A little of everything, responsible for coordinating FPOP

  • Secretary:

Takes minutes, adds notes to wiki, reserves rooms for meetings

  • Treasurer:

Orders food, budgets events, handles merchandise, all other pecuniary needs

  • Campus Relations

Responsible for communicating with the student body, emails, and publicizing events

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