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#Paper2 pmid=19929567
#Paper2 pmid=19929567
// leave a comment about a paper here
// leave a comment about a paper here
#Book1 isbn=0879697164
#Book1 isbn=0-8247-4253-2

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Contact Info

Dr. Abeer M. Al-Ghananeem
Dr. Abeer M. Al-Ghananeem
  • Abeer M. Al-Ghananeem
  • Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Program, Sullivan University College of Pharmacy
  • 2100 Gardiner Lane, Louisville KY, 40205.
  • Email me through OpenWetWare


  • 1999, PhD, University of Kentucky
  • 1999, MS, University of Kentucky
  • 1993, B.Sc, Jordan University

Research interests

  1. Drug Development
  2. Targeted Delivery
  3. Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  4. Pharmaceutical Technology.


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    leave a comment about a paper here

  3. isbn:0-8247-4253-2. [Book1]
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