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Adam Fisher candidly enjoying his morning coffee
Adam Fisher candidly enjoying his morning coffee

Adam B. Fisher

Virginia Commonwealth University
Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering
601 West Main Street
Room 409
Richmond, VA 23284-3028

Your e-mail..

Hello, I am Adam Fisher, a proud member of the Fong Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Research Interests

  • research 1
  • research 2


M.Sc, University of xxx
My undergrad degree was in...


My publication In this journal... in 2004...
// or you could use biblio if your publication is in pubmed: e.g
  1. John Smith. The art of saying nothing. Verbose Editions 1999. [somebook]
  2. Ministerial Meeting on Population of the Non-Aligned Movement (1993: Bali). . pmid:12345678. PubMed HubMed [coolpmid]
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