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(Sample Pictures)
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(Sample Pictures)
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  • Follow the procedure as outlined by Dr.Hartings HERE.
  • Synthesize more HRP-Linked Au Nanoparticles at higher ratios.
  • Synthesize Myoglobin linked nanoparticles at standard ratios, dictated in yesterdays lab.
  • Run UV-Vis on HRP and Pepsin linked Au-NP's synthesized yesterday.


Making HRP and Myoglobin AuNP's

  • In order to synthesize the HRP and Myoglobin nanoparticles, they were made as dictated by the table below.
  • Note that more HRP-Linked nanoparticles are being made because the original ratios made yesterday were large enough to induce fibers to form. We are looking to see at what concentration fibers start forming. Myoglobin nanoparticles are being made at the initial ratios used yesterday.


  • After these solutions were made they were put in then oven at 80 degrees celsius for 4 hours.

UV-Vis of HRP and Pepsin AuNP's

  • In this section 1 ml of each HRP and Pepsin Linked AuNP sample was taken and centrifuged for 30 minutes.
  • Next the supernatant was removed to be run using UV-Vis. The pellet was saved for each sample.


UV-Vis Spectra

  • The graph below depicts the UV-Vis Spectra of all of the Pepsin linked AuNP samples.
  • Please note that all of the pepsin samples formed fibers, and were visually similar before they were run.


  • The graph below depicts the UV-Vis Spectra of all of the HRP linked AuNP samples.
  • Please note none of the samples formed fibers; however, their was a visual decline in color from a deep red to purple color between the samples.


  • Not all of the HRP Linked samples were run today because we ran out of time, as a result, only a few samples are shown above.

Sample Pictures

Image:Oct_23_Pepsin_AuNP_set_1.png Image:Oct_23_Pepsin_AuNP_set_2.png Image:Oct_23_HRP_AuNP_set_1.png Image:Oct_23_HRP_AuNP_set_2.png

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