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(Current Materials)
(Current Materials)
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* Insert content here...
* Insert content here...
==Current Materials==
==Current Materials==
* [[Media:Volunteer_prediction_1.csv]]
* [Media:Volunteer_prediction_1.csv]
* [[Image:Volunteer_prediction_1.doc]]
* [[Image:Volunteer_prediction_1.doc]]

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Entry title

First Pass


These are the first two pretests. I have a vague concern about the research, not knowing exactly what the focus or story is. I am considering xx. Created a qualification in MTurk for one participant to allow him to be in future problem pit studies. I need to create an acceptance sampling method to keep the number of pre-test participants bounded.

Unexpected Observations

  • Insert content here...

New Hypotheses

  • Insert content here...

Current Protocol

  • Insert content here...

Current Materials

New Data

Participant 1

"The survey itself was nicely designed, but it was frustrating to have to advance the page so often. More than one question per page is preferable, in my opinion. I didn't really like the Recruitment Document being in a separate window, I think it could be included in the survey itself, as an example, and it would be easier to reference. I thought it was really too long, with too many questions that seemed like variations on the same theme. Those are pretty much the only suggestions that I have to offer, outside of what I answered in the survey itself."

Participant 2

  • Insert content here...


  • Advancing page too often
  • Include recruitment document in the survey itself, rather than a separate window
  • Too long
  • Redundant questions


  • Use more than one question per page

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