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Synthesize 4 thin films using polyvinyl alcohols of different molecular weights



0.5 g of 22000g/mol PVOH was added to 3mL of water and stirred with heat until dissolved (~15 minutes). In addition to this 3 other solutions containing the following were prepared under the same procedure:

  • 1.0g of 22000g/mol PVOH in 5mL H2O
  • 0.5g 100000g/mol PVOH in 3mL H2O
  • 1.0g 100000g/mol PVOH in 5mL H2O

Once all four solutions were prepared, each was poured into a round dish where they were left to dry for 48 hours.


No data has been gathered thus far, however these films as well as other films prepared in a similar manner will be later analyzed using several analytical methods (IR spectroscopy, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, X-Ray diffraction etc.)


~template procedure for synthesis of thin films

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