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Synthesize polymer film with the addition of gluteraldehyde, exchange clay in solution with a surfactant, synthesize iron oxide



A PVOH (MW=22000, 0.5g, 5ml) film was synthesized using the procedure from 8/29/2012. Before allowing the film to dry, 0.25mL of glutaraldehyde was added with stirring for ~5 minutes. This solution was then left to dry.

The clay was exchanged with surfactant in 100 and 50 percents. To create the 100% exchange solution: 2.00 g of clay and 0.7390g of HdMe2Im+ (surfactant) were dissolved in a 50/50 mixture of H2O/ethanol (25mL each) and left to stir for one week. The 50% exchange solution was created with the same parameters except using half the amount of HdMe2Im+ (0.3690g).


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