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'''PVOH MW:22000''' length: 20.49mm width: 0.22mm
'''PVOH MW: 22000''' height: 20.49mm width: 0.22mm

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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of PVOH films


Dimensional Mechanical Analysis will be performed on previously synthesized PVOH films consisting of the following: 1) MW: 22000 2) MW: 100000 3) MW: 22000 with phosphoric acid 4) MW: 100000 with hydrochloric acid 5) MW: 22000 with phosphoric acid and maleic acid. Samples 3-5 were crosslinked via dehydration in the oven at 120 degrees celsius for 90 minutes. Samples of films 1 and 2 were also cross linked via dehydration for a before and after comparison of crosslinking.


PVOH MW: 22000 height: 20.49mm width: 0.22mm


A non-cross linked sample of film 1 will have to be re-analyzed as the length was entered as 3.5mm instead of 5.3mm

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