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<b>[[User:Matt Hartings|Matt Hartings]] Alli, I need a lot more than this in your notebook. Aside from the completely missing amounts, there is no discussion of why you are doing any of this, or how your full protocol for making hydogels is working.</b>
-Make 2 samples of each different Molecular Weight.

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Begin hydrogel formation


Dissolve 0.5g PVOH of the following molecular weights in 6mL of H2O @ 95°C :

a) 22,000 (MP Biomedicals)

b) 89,000-98,000 99+% hydrolysis(Aldrich Chemistry)

c) 130,000 99+% hydrolysis(Aldrich Chemistry)

d) 146,000-186,000 99+% hydrolysis(Aldrich Chemistry)

-Make 2 samples of each different Molecular Weight.


  • Add data and results here...


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