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Obtain fluorescence spectra for the following samples:(excited at 515nm)

  • concentrated AuNP (3x10^-9 M)
  • 1:6 diluted AuNP (6.49 x10^-9 M)
  • 1:6 diluted AuNP with thiol primer attached. (10μL diluted to 100μL with 90μL water)
  • Elaine's Thiol Primer (10μL diluted to 100μL with 90μL H2O)\
  • Telomerase Complementary Strand (10μL diluted to 100μL with 90μL H2O)

Telomerase Molecular Beacon was diluted with 1mL filtered H2O, separated into vials in 10μL aliquots and placed in the freezer.



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