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-Take absorbance spectra of all samples prepared on 1/29/13

-Verify that there is no absorbance change with increasing concentration of DNA

List of Samples

1) Moelcular Beacon [6.49 nM]

2) 3.5μM ThT

3) 5.0μM ZnPPIX

4) 3.5μM ThT/5.0μM ZnPPIX hybrid

5) 1μM 4-repeat-telomeric DNA

6) 1μM 8-repeat-telomeric DNA

7) 1μM 4-repeat/5μM ZnPPIX hybrid

8) 1μM 8-repeat/5μM ZnPPIX hybrid

9) 3.5μM ThT/3.5μM 4-repeat

10) 3.5μM ThT/3.0μM 4-repeat

11) 3.5μM ThT/2.5μM 4-repeat

12) 3.5μM ThT/2.0μM 4-repeat

13) 3.5μM ThT/1.5μM 4-repeat

14) 3.5μM ThT/3.5μM 8-repeat

15) 3.5μM ThT/3.0μM 8-repeat

16) 3.5μM ThT/2.5μM 8-repeat

17) 3.5μM ThT/2.0μM 8-repeat

18) 3.5μM ThT/1.5μM 8-repeat

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