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Part 3: React thiol-DNA/ThT with AuNP
Part 3: React thiol-DNA/ThT with AuNP

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  • Run 2% Gel with DNA-AuNP samples and supernatants
  • Measure abs/fluor of thiol DNA/ThT
  • Attach AuNP to thiol DNA/ThT


Part 1:

Run 2% agarose gel with the following samples:

1)5uL 100bp ladder + 1uL loading buffer

2)5uL DNA-AuNP + 1uL loading buffer

3)5uL sup 1 + 1uL loading buffer

4)5uL sup 2 + 1uL loading buffer

5)5uL sup 3 + 1uL loading buffer

6)5uL sup 4 + 1uL loading buffer

Part 2: Take Absorbance and Fluorescence of thiol DNA-ThT sample

Part 3: React thiol-DNA/ThT with AuNP


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