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Part 1: Preparing solutions for coating AuNP with Silica

1) dissolve 0.716g PVP (10kg/mol) in 10mL water (0.00716M)

2) Dissolve 0.42mL NH4OH (29.3wt% NH3 in H2O) in 9.58mL Ethanol (200 proof) (4.2vol%)

NOTE: TES solution will be prepared immediately prior to use to minimize exposure

Part 2: Preparing ZnPPIX solutions

Zinc protoporphyrin (ZnPPIX) samples will be prepared at the same concentrations, following the same procedure as the ThT samples.

2.22μM ZnPPIX and 1.11265μM DNA

(5μM)V=(4.44μM)(300μL) V=266.4μL 5μM ZnPPIX in 33.6μL (53.1μ)V=(2.2253μM)(300μL) V=12.57μL DNA in 287.43μL


2[ThT]:1[DNA]→ 2.068μM ZnPPIX 10% of 250μL=25μL (within 10% allows for accurate concentration comparison) Total solution volume: 275μL (2.068×10-6M)(275×10-6L)=5.31476×10-10moles ZnPPIX (5.31476×10-10moles)/(25×10-6L)=21.3μM ZnPPIX

Make 21.3μM ZnPPIX:

(5000μM)V=(21.3μM)(25μL) V=0.107μL in 24.9μL Add 25μL of 21.3μM ZnPPIX to 250μL DNA/AuNP solution

Concentrations: DNA- 0.94μM AuNP- 12.55nM ZnPPIX- 1.9364μM 2.22μM ZnPPIX (5μM)V=(2.22μM)(300μL) V=133.2μL ZnPPIX in 166.8μL

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