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(Calculating AuNP diameter and concentration)
(Calculating AuNP concentration in g/L)
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==Calculating AuNP concentration in g/L==
==Calculating AuNP concentration in g/L==
Volume of 1 AuNP = 4/3πr<sup>3</sup>, where r = d/2 = 19.25nm
V= 4/3π(19.25x10<sup>-9</sup>m)<sup>3</sup>
V= 2.988x10<sup>23</sup>m<sup>3</sup>
V= 2.988x10<sup>17</sup>cm<sup>3</sup>

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AuNP synthesis

Note: These AuNPs will be used in the silica coating procedure. See calculations below.

Calculating AuNP diameter and concentration

λspr= 527nm

d= [ln(λspr0/L1)]/L2

where λ0= 512nm, L1= 6.53, and L2=0.0216 (These are fit parameters from theoretical calculations1)

d= [ln(527nm-512nm/6.53)]/0.0216

d= 38.5nm

c = A450450

c = 1.89/(4.36x109)

c = 0.43nM

Calculating AuNP concentration in g/L

Volume of 1 AuNP = 4/3πr3, where r = d/2 = 19.25nm

V= 4/3π(19.25x10-9m)3

V= 2.988x1023m3

V= 2.988x1017cm3

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