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Preparation of DNA/MB Samples for FCS

Prepare the following samples:

1) 100pM DNA

13.7nm AuNP synthesis

  • The nanoparticles produced from this reaction will be used in the silica coating procedure in the future. We are interested in finding a procedure for synthesizing AuNP that has a low diameter variation. The current procedure has a wide range (5-40nm) that greatly affects the amount of PVP/TES that need to be added for the silica coating procedure. Minimizing changes in variables will help simplify the procedure.

1) Add 1mL 0.25mM HAuCl4 to 100mL water. Stir and heat to boiling.

Current [HAuCl4] = 1mM

1mM(x) = (0.25mM)(1mL)

x = 250μL 1mM HAuCl4 in 750μL H2O

2) Add 4.0mL 1% sodium citrate (freshly prepared??)

1g sodium citrate in 100mL of H2O

3) Observe a color change to "red wine"

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