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FCS Measurements Main project page
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FCS Measurements

Prepare the following oligio-D samples:

1) 150pM

2) 125pM

3) 100pM

Prepare the following DNA/MB samples

1) 100pM/80pM

2) 75pM/60pM

3) 50pM/40pM

  • Each sample was run 3 times for 500 seconds

FCS Data

Image:Green Beads image OWW.png

The above image show an average correlation curve of 10,000x diluted green fluorescent beads

Image:100pM OD OWW.png

Image:125pM OD OWW.png

Image:150pM OD OWW.png

Image:50pM DNA OWW.png

Image:75pM DNA OWW.png

Image:100pM DNA OWW.png

Calibration Curves

Image:OD Cali Curve OWW.png

The above image is a calibration curve of 1/N vs. concentration for the Oligo-D samples. We observed a very linear relationship between these samples, with an R2 value of 0.99.

Image:DNA MB Cali Curve OWW.png‎

The above image is a calibration curve of 1/N vs. concentration for the DNA/MB samples. The 100pM and 75pM samples seem to follow the linear trend in relation to one another, however, the 50pM sample is a clear outlier. Because we did not see the pattern we are expecting for all three samples, we will prepare fresh solution tomorrow and run them again to see if there was some kind of error in sample preparation.

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