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October 8th, 2013 Main project page
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τD = (ω023ηπd)/4kT

where τD is the diffusion time of the sample

ω0 is the radius of the spot

η is the viscosity of the solvent (water), 0.001028kg/m s

d is the diameter of the particle

k is Boltzmann's constant = 1.3806488 × 10-23 m2 kg s-2-2 K-1

T is the temperature of the room (18.7 °C, 291.7K)

Calculating ω0 using 10000X diluted green fluorescent beads

average τD = 36.3137ms = 0.0363137 sec (taken from 10000X beads on 9/4, 9/11, and 9/12)

sqr rt [(0.0363137s)(4)(1.3806488 × 10-23 m2 kg s-2 K-1)(291.7K)]/[3(0.001028kg/m s)(pi)(2x10-7) = 5.49x10-7 m

ω0 = 0.549um

  • diameter was calculated for all samples with an average of 17.8 nm (not including the diameter calculated from the 61.33pM sample)

FCS measurements of MB only

prepare the MB at the following concentrations:

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