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To Do

  • Run UV-Vis of MB samples to determine concentraiton
  • Add MB to AuNP/DNA Sample. Run FCS.



Calculating AuNP/DNA Concentration

AuNP: abs @ 532 = 0.03

ε = 92,382,878

c= A/εb

c = 3.2473x10-10M = 0.325nM

DNA: abs @ 254 = 0.399

ε = 607,500

c = 6.5679E-07M = 656.6nM

Addition of MB

1) Add 6uL 7.61uM MB to 50uL AuNP/DNA Solution

NEW Concentrations:

MB: 815nM

DNA: 586nM

AuNP: 0.29nM

2) Heat for 25 min at ~76.0°C

3) Run FCS Measurements. Begin with pure sample. Because the AuNP concentration is so low (290pM) it might be hard to get signal from anything lower.

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