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[[User : Anthony Lazzaro / SANDBOX | MY SANDBOX ]]
[[User : Anthony Lazzaro / SANDBOX | MY SANDBOX ]]
--[[User:Anthony Lazzaro|Anthony Lazzaro]] 15:16, 3 September 2007 (EDT)

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Anthony Lazzaro

Department of Bioengineering
Imperial College London
South Kensington, SW7
London, UK

E-mail: anthony.lazzaro [AT]

Anthony is a second year undergraduate student part of Imperial's 2007 iGEM team

My iGEM Experience

  • Modeling : Deterministic Modeling used to look for emerging properties (link to new modeling & data analysis wiki)
  • Data Analysis : Curve Fitting to extract parameters (link to modeling & data analysis wiki)
  • PR : Motif Design that transcends wiki, t-shirts, presentation and our poster
  • Website Design :



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