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Grad: UNM<br>
Grad: UNM<br>
'''Fun Stuff:'''<br>
'''Web Stuff:'''<br>
Website: [ The Randomly Grad Life] and [ KochLab Research]
[ The Randomly Grad Life]: my personal blog<br>
[ My Youtube page]<br>
[ My Scribd stuff]<br>
[ My friendfeed]<br>
[ My life in real time]<br>

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Member of the KochLab.

Greatest member of the New Yorkers.

Bringer of the Userbox to OWW.


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About Me:

Real Name: Anthony Salvagno
From: Beacon, NY
Undergrad: SUNY Albany
Grad: UNM

Web Stuff:
The Randomly Grad Life: my personal blog
My Youtube page
My Scribd stuff
My friendfeed
My life in real time

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