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Atissa Banuazizi

Oral presentation instructor for 20.109. Lecturer in the Writing Across the Curriculum program at MIT.

Contact information:


Office: 12-111


All materials listed here are available as PDFs.

Other resources

Conference schedule, Fall 2009

  • Friday, 10/30

11am Stephanie Bachar

  • Monday, 11/2

2pm Ashley Fletcher 3pm John Kucharcyk 4pm Isaac Businger

  • Tuesday, 11/3

2pm Sameer Iyer 3pm Kristin Kuhn

  • Wednesday, 11/4

1pm Tina Tallon 2pm Will Morjian 4pm Adam Rubin

  • Friday, 11/6

10am Katherine Choi 11am Brian Ross

  • Monday, 11/9

2pm Kelly Drinkwater 3pm Pablo Crespo 4pm Ryan Alexander

  • Tuesday, 11/10

10am Katie Thomas 2pm Sylvie Polsky 3pm Diana LaScala-Grunewald 4pm Matt Luchelli

  • Wednesday, 11/11

10am Helen Chen 11am Rachael Holmes 12pm Omar Abudayyeh 2pm Hattie Chung 3pm Samiya All'hairy 4pm Jessica Perez

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