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==Entry title==

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  • Finish Kinetic Data and calculate average
  • Begin UV runs with calculated inhibitor


  • Procedure from yesterday was continued with the same concentrations. Yesterday two trials were completed. The third was completed today.
    • The following concentrations were used.
Concentration [Ado] (uM) Velocity (nm/sec) 1/[Ado] (1/uM) 1/velocity (sec/nm) ' (-1)/Km -0.022385428
  • 10mM Quercetin stock was prepared.
  • Cuvettes with the following solutions were prepared and analyzed.
    • Today, we only had time to complete the first two.
[ADA Stock Solution] (U/mL) Volume ADA Stock Solution Added (mL) Final [ADA] (U/mL) [Adenosine Stock Solution] (uM) Volume Adenosine Stock Solution Added (mL) Final [Adenosine] (uM) Volume 0.05 M Phosphate Buffer Added (mL) Volume Inhibitor Stock solution added [Inhibitor Stock Solution] (uM) [Final Inhibitor] (uM) Total Volume (mL)


  • The following chart was prepared from the UV/Vis absorbance data for the assay solutions without Quercetin.


  • Data for the two Quercetin trials completed today will be uploaded next week, along with the rest, once they are complete.


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