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==Contact Info==
==Contact Info==
[[Image:CIMG5377.JPG|thumb|right|Chet Chamberlain with girlfriend, Michaela]]
[[Image:CIMG5377.JPG|thumb|left|Chet Chamberlain with girlfriend, Michaela]]
*Chet Chamberlain
*Chet Chamberlain

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Contact Info

Chet Chamberlain with girlfriend, Michaela
Chet Chamberlain with girlfriend, Michaela


Brigham Young University, Provo, UT Fall 2004 - Present Expected graduation April 2012, earning B.S. in Genetics and Biotechnology with emphasis on microbial genetics Minors in Business Management and Microbiology

    Relevant courses include:
    Mentored Lab Techniques: Hands-on experience researching a gene starting from RNA extraction and designing specific primers to replication, sequencing, and studying the gene with bioinformatic software.
    Molecular and Cellular Biology: In-depth study of the inner workings of cells with a focus on general strategies and modern techniques of experimentation as well as interpreting data from contemporary publications.
    Genomics: Integrated knowledge of cellular functions with modern DNA sequencing techniques to better understand implications of modern research published in scientific journals.
    Genetics: Solved challenging statistical and logical problems built around complicated patterns of genetic inheritance in plants, animals, and humans.
    Botany: Actively participated in small-group discussions regarding intricate plant functions and the critical role of plants in the biosphere.
    Advanced Physiology: In-depth study of mammalian tissues and organ systems and their pathogens focusing on homeostasis with human as the model organism.
    Statistics: Employed various formulas to determine the significance and probability of error of data gathered from experimentation.
    Organizational Effectiveness: Studied how to increase outputs to inputs of organizations through organizational structure, strategy, and leadership.
    Computer Programming: Designed and implemented original algorithms for simple programs and databases using Java platform.

Research interests

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