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Contact Information

Christina at Mt. Liberty, 2009.
Christina at Mt. Liberty, 2009.

Graduate Student
Niles Laboratory
Department of Biological Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office: 16-387
MIT Email: birch
Personal website

Education & Work Experience


I began my Ph.D. program in the fall of 2008 following the "Applied Biosciences" track. Once I figure out how to link things, I'll list and link the classes I've taken at MIT. As part of my Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Grant (another link), I conducted rotations in the Niles, Hamad-Schifferli, and Wittrup laboratories (aaaand, links). In January of 2009, I joined Jacquin C. Niles' (here, another link) molecular tools laboratory for the duration of my thesis work while continuing to participate in the Chemistry-Biology Interface program. I also race for the MIT Cycling and Triathlon teams.

Translational Genomics Research Institute

After graduating from the U of A, I interned at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (links-a-lot), a nonprofit research organization located in Phoenix, Arizona. There, I worked in the Brain Tumor Unit studying migration signaling in glioblastoma cells.

University of Arizona

From 2004-2008, I attended the University of Arizona (another link) obtaining B.S. degrees in Biochemistry and Mathematics. In the former, I conducted researched on spatiotemporal regulation of proteins involved in the anti-oxidative stress response of human cells. For the latter, I worked to use a mathematical, geometric representation of repeat protein structures to facilitate protein scaffolding design efforts. As an undergrad, I was a teaching assistant for Vector (Multivariable) Calculus. Beyond academics (indeed, beyond them!), I raced for the U of A Triathlon team.

Universidad de Belgrano

Cuando yo estaba estudiante del segundo año (2006) en la universidad de Arizona, fui a la Argentina para estudiar la idioma y cultura que existen allá. Viví en Buenos Aires por seis meses y viajé por todo el país y más: en Argentina a Mendoza, Salta, Córdoba, Puerto Madrín, y otros pueblos; en Brasil a las Cataratas de Iguazú; en Uruguay a Colonia. Me gustaría mucho volver si me se presentara la oportunidad. Si Ud. tuviera ganas de hablar conmigo en español (y no lo molestaría a Ud. si yo hablara con acento porteño) yo lo disfrutaría mucho.

Teaching Experience

Research Interests

  1. RNA Aptamers
  2. Molecular Tool Development


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    These papers detail work I conducted as part of the NCI ICBP while I was an undergraduate.

All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

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