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Biographical Info

Image:drubin.jpg david_drubin at hms dot harvard dot edu

-3rd year Postdoctoral Research Fellow

-Ph.D. Integrative Biosciences-Molecular Medicine, Penn State University College of Medicine, 2004

    Graduate Advisor:  Dr. Gary A. Clawson, Clawson lab, Jake Gittlen Cancer Research Institute
    Research Topic:  Early changes in carcinogenesis

-B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1997

    Honors Advisor:  Dr. Maurille "Skip" J. Fournier
    Research Topic:  snoRNA biogenesis

Research Interests

We are pursuing the design and construction of a mammalian cell-based sensor-memory device. Such a device will be able to report whether specific events occur in a cell or whether certain compounds are present in the cell's environment, and then store this information in itself and in all the cell's progeny. Furthermore, such a system could also be designed to report on quantity of a particular stimulus. A key feature of such a system will be its portability to various environmental stimuli or specific cellular events, and will not be limited to very specific chemical inductions.


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Dhamne C, Drubin DA, Duncan K, Tevethia MJ, Clawson GA. (2006) The chloromethylketone protease inhibitor AAPF(CMK) also targets ATP-dependent helicases and SAP-domain proteins. J Cell Biochem

Drubin, DA*, McLaughlin-Drubin, ME*, Clawson, GA, and Meyers, C. (2006). A Protease Inhibitor Specifically Inhibits Growth of HPV Infected Tissue. Molecular Therapy 13(6): 1142-8. *authors equally contributed to this work.

Casolari, JM, Brown, CR, Drubin, DA, Rando, OJ and Silver, PA. (2005). Developmentally Induced Changes in Transcriptional Program Alter Spatial Organization Across Chromosomes. Genes and Development 19: 1188-1198.

Drubin, DA, Smith, JS, Liu, W, Zhao, W, Chase, GA, and Clawson, GA. (2005). Comparison of Cryopreservation and Standard Needle Biopsy for Gene Expression Profiling of Human Breast Cancer Specimens. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 90: 93-96.

Drubin, DA and Clawson, GA (2004). Spontaneous transformation of an immortalized hepatocyte cell line: potential role of a nuclear protease. Cancer Letters 213: 39-48.

G. Clawson, D. Drubin, M. McLaughlin-Drubin, C. Meyers. “A Nuclear Protease Inhibitor as a Topical Therapeutic for Cervical Dysplasias”, patent pending.

Interests & Hobbies

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