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  • HEK293-luc14 plate: 6-well plate

HEK293-luc14 plate

  • Plated HEK293-luc14 positive control cells at optimal density (1.6x103), as determined by previous dilution plating
    • Tryspinized cells, brought conc. to 1x106</up>/mL
    • Added 0.5 mL to 12 mL medium (1/25 dilution)
    • Added 0.5 mL of 1/25 dilution to 12 mL medium (1/625 dilution)
    • Added 1 mL of the 1/625 dilution to each well
    • Added an additional 1 mL growth medium to each well (to prevent the medium from drying out)
  • Grow for 7 days to get colonies
  • Will stain with Hoescht (DAPI) for fluorescent imaging; maybe try D-luciferin when it arrives.

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