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Remains of the Day

  • Today is a day for surface photographing, weighing, surface sterilizing, grinding and culturing of endophytes from my potatoes downstairs. Spreading 10X and 100X dilutions on the plate for culturing, one plate per tissue (shoot or root), one per rep. Doing one genotype at a time so as to not have samples sitting around festering.
    • What actually happened is that I did Kennebec, Shepody, and HAW 1528 (rhizospheres, roots, and shoots). These were surface sterilized as with corn, but I didn't have autoclaved water to rinse the ethanol off at the end and instead drip dried the samples before homogenizing them individually for 20 seconds in the Kleco shaker (with 70% ethanol washing in between). I added 1 mL of sodium phosphate buffer to whatever semi-solid macerate was recovered in a 15 mL falcon tube, and did not have time to do more so I refridgerated these overnight for processing tommorow.

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