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Remains of the Day

  • Dave Rodriguez is gonna do 96 well colony PCR for me to sequence the potato endophytes (he's gonna wait til tommorow for 96 well plates to arrive)
  • Extracting the last of the growth room tomato root samples - rhizosphere to follow tommorow
  • Make plan for strawberry project (writing mini-proposal in the afternoon - didn't actually get any done)
  • Do colony PCR with strong nitrogen fixing endophytes and Degen Nif genes (didn't actually do).
  • FOUND THE TVD FIELD SOIL DNA SAMPLES FROM 2 YEARS AGO! LABELLED 1-9G, 9B, they were in a plastic bag in the -20 upstairs. Sample 7 is empty, but will add water to it and do bacterial and fungal TRFLP on them anyway for inclusion with the rest of the stuff in the pyrosequencing study. (actually, these are bulk soil samples and the pyrosequencing was done on 5 replicates of tomato rhizospheres grown in these bulk soils)

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