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(Remains of the Day)
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(Remains of the Day)

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Remains of the Day

  • Did the rest of the potato endophyte inoculations today - 6H -> 4D (or so).
  • Started the physical TRFLP on pooled PCRs (of the 5 rep 1 Heinz 2401 rhizospheres from the growth room and the 5 washed roots from Ilbury 2012). Got as far as the restriction step and leaving them digesting overnight at room temp (25) on my desk
  • Recieved tomato rhizosphere samples from Saskatoon. 5 of each - plants from field 1, 7, 8, 9G, and 9B. Did fungal TRFLP PCRs on them, but screwed up, potentially missing all of 8 or 9B.

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