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Remains of the Day

  • Growing 2 L of the Pseudomonas for tomatoes for George (at room temp with gentle shaking over the weekend)
  • Mixed 1 ml of the below overnights in R2A with 1 mL of water with 0.2% silwett and am inoculating 20 ul onto tomato leaves since no other symptoms appear to be coming (put these tubes into the 4 degree and innoculated on Sunday - 20 ul per leaf with a mix up and inoculation of Pst T6D1 onto the Pst DC01 treatment and no inoculation of the Pst T6D1 treatment (so this treatment was only inoculated the one time like two weeks ago))


border="1" cellpadding="21" align="center"
Disease caused Species/Strain OD600
Bacterial speck P. syringae DC01 1.32
Bacterial speck P. syringae DC08 1.18
Bacterial speck P. syringae DC95 0.86
Bacterial speck P. syringae T6D1 1.25
Bacterial spot X. gardneri 444 1.07
Bacterial spot X. gardneri DC00 NA
Bacterial spot X. gardneri DC03 NA
Bacterial spot X. gardneri 1B5B 1.51

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