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Remains of the Day

  • Today Lucas will help me weigh out those plants
  • Read this tomato fungus paper: "Colonization of roots of cultivated Solanum lycopersicum

by dark septate and other ascomycetous endophytes"

  • Gel purify PCR from Friday and send for sequencing
  • PCR molasses rhizosphere and roots of RST (again) to get a better idea of TRFLP profiles - involve Stephanie so that this work can be continued while you're away
  • Great review about soil innoculants in field studies: "Non-symbiotic bacterial diazotrophs in crop-farming systems: can their

potential for plant growth promotion be better exploited?"

  • Innoculated Bonny Best tomatoes today with Stephanie, using Pseudomonas syringae and the Q-tip method shared with us by Dianne Cuppels.

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