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I am working in transplant immunology research at Georgetown. Transplantation immunology can be considered as a subfield of immunology. It studies the interactions of host organism with grafted tissues or organs.

This page is under construction, please come back later to check the most recent information.


Transplant Tolerance Induction for Solid Organ Transplantation

Experimental models

  1. Studies in small rodents (mice, rats)
  2. Studies in nonhuman primates

Immunosuppressor agens used

  1. Antilymphocyte antisera
    1. Antilymphocyte globulin, thymoglobulin, rituximab
  2. Immunosupressor drugs
    1. Sirolimus
    2. Tacrolimus

Adjuvant donor bone marrow (BM) infusion

  1. whole unfractionated BM infusion.

"Laws of transplantation"

  1. Transplants between inbred strains will succeed.
  2. Transplants between inbred strains will fail,
  3. Transplants from a member of an inbred parental strain to an F-1 offspring will succeed, but those in the reverse direction will fail.
  4. Transplant from F2 and all subsequentt generations to F1 animals will succeed.
  5. Transplants from inbred parental strains to the F2 generation will usually, but not always fail.
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