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To lower the pH of the reaction mixtures to approximately 7.00 and to perform dialysis on the samples.


Lowering the pH

1. BSA Control Solution

  • 16.8 μL if 0.948 M HCl was added and the pH dropped to 3.20 and the solution became pink
  • Added 300 μL 50 m Tris and the pH rose to 6.49 and the solution became more purple

2. Fiber Solution (166 ratio)

  • Added 79μL if 0.948 M HCl, pH dropped to 2.72 and the blue solution became pink on the top
  • Added 1 mL of Tris, pH rose to 6.14 and the solution became purple

3. Gold Solution (70 ratio)

  • Added 30 μL of 0.948 M HCl, pH dropped to 2.92 and the top of the solution became pink
  • Added 600 μL of Tris, the pH rose to 6.09 and little pink fibers developed in the solution.


  • Add data and results here...


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