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To prepare agar plates and to prepare the starter culture of bacteria.


Starter Culture Preparation

  1. Take out 4 aliquots of 4 mLs of broth from the 75 mL LB broth solution prepared last week and put into 4 test tubes
  2. To each tube, add bacteria by scraping frozen bacteria (BL21 E. coli) with a micropipette tip (should be about 5 uL). Do this in a sterile environment (flame)
  3. Place the tubes on a shaker at 37°C overnight.

Agar Plate Preparation

  1. Agar plate solution was prepared by adding 12.5 g LB and 10 g agar to 500 mL water.
  2. The solution was autoclaved for one hour
  3. Once the solution was cooled, 25 mL aliquots were poured into Petri dishes.
    • This made about 20 agar plates
  4. The plates were left in the fridge to set


No data was collected today


  • Because of snow day this week, bacteria were left on shaker until Thursday.

To Do List this Week

  • Make additional quaternary ammonium salt films (wed or tues, Noah)
  • Crosslink quaternary ammonium salt films (thurs/fri)
  • Split the bacteria from the starter culture between the flasks for testing.
  • Measure UV Vis of bacteria in starter culture before adding films
  • Put films (cut in half) in flasks, then take periodic UV vis throughout the test.
  • DSC data analysis

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