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Added the calculated amounts of protein to the hydrogels + NHS-azide and plated the bacteria for the QAS test


Protein Addition

  1. 10 mL of phosphate buffer (ph = 7.6) was placed in a vial (repeat 4 times)
  2. A hydrogel + NHS-azide and a stir bar was added to each vial
  3. The corresponding amount of protein (see yesterday for calculations) was added to each vial
  4. The vials were allowed to stir overnight

Bacterial Testing

  1. Each of the QAS films and a PVOH control were soaked in water and cut into small circles.
  2. 50 uL of bacteria was plated on each agar plate. Sterile techniques were used
  3. The film sample was placed on the agar plate
  4. 5 uL of bacteria was added to each circle/sample
  5. The plates were placed in the incubator overnight.


No data was collected today


  • The QAS films used for testing were being reused from the last bacterial test. Not all the bacteria could be washed away by ethanol.

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