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To test the ability of the DNase I (attached to the hydrogels) to cleave DNA


  1. In addition to the 5 samples of hydrogels with DNA, a sample of hydrogel without DNase and a sample of DNase I on its own were prepared as controls. The amount of DNase used for the control was equivalent to the amount of enzyme in the 500 uL hydrogel
  2. 1 uL of DNA from Chem 571 last year was added to each sample
  3. The DNA and DNase were mixed together for 3-4 hours.
  4. The hydrogels were then removed from the samples and the liquid was then frozen using liquid nitrogen. The sampes were then lyophilized overnight.


No data was collected today.


  • This reaction was carried out at room temperature, not 37°C, which may have reduced or prevented enzymatic activity

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