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1/29: Transect: Mini Marsh The transect is slightly elevated and on a slope. Part of it is adjacent to the sidewalk and directly across Kogod School of Business. Immediately next to the boundaries of the transect, there is a sewage drain. There is some shade from very large trees that are approximately 20 feet away, however, most of the transect is exposed to the sun when present. Majority of the plants within the transect are dry and unlively however the area under all of the little rocks is very damp. Within this transect, there is a variety of plants (as shown in the picture.) The transect is also an area that is maintained by the university so fertilizers are used on the plants and the grass is cut by a lawnmower. Abiotic Factors: little rocks, big rocks, cement brick. Random piece of metal, gum wrapper, and a cigarette. Biotic Factors: cat tails, grass, leaves, bushes, soil, squirrels, snakes, rates, worms, and trees in close proximity We sampled some of the dirt, grass roots, leaves, and different plants in order to make our Hay Infusion culture. Although now covered in snow, pictures of the Mini Marsh transect are shown below.


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