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Agent Ecoli: Public wiki



Long-term bioaerosols spraying on unwary citizens may act as genetic trojan horse for unethical horizontal gene transfer and recombineering on domestic populations in Quebec.

Chapter 1. Chemtrails mecanics: Fundamental elements of domestic chemical warfare

  • Synthetic biology and reverse/forward DNA transcription
    • luxR: Introduction to the Phosphohistidine transferase genetic switch

Chapter 2. DNA evidences of synthetic nucleosides analogues are in the products

  • dual input DNA promoters, heterocyclics, organocatalysts, and phosphoramidates-based nucleosides
  • Plasmid addiction systems
    • Ape (A Plasmid Editor)
    • cDNA synthesis (RNAP)

Chapter 3. Forensic evidences of nitrogenous derived gene delivery on domestic civilian populations is a act of war on civilian liberties

  • Case-study of M13K07 derived genome engineering using site-directed mutagenesis
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