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A jolie passage

  • Calcium chloride (CaCl2) != potassium chloride [Ca2+]
  • potassium chloride = food additive
  • potassium chloride = KCl (anhydrous) [Cl-]
  • KCl (-) mediated CREB1 gene expression: ($35.95)
  • Keywords: CREB1, NMDA, potassium chloride, CaM kinase, striatal neurons, dizocilpine (Ketamine), Serine (phosphorylation), orthogonal phenolic methylamide enolates, active methylenes enolates, metal-bound complexes, -rC=NOH, carbenes (NHC), 4-methylimidazole derivatives (4-Mel, N-methyl acylamino pyridine), (Ethanolamine)
  • See also: NMDA dependent cell adhesion (aka the Wnt (Calcium Binding) pathway), Shikimate pathway

which may highlight features of ketamine-induced Histidine kinase phosphorylation, a imidazole functional site (glycine) to activate site-dependent RNA polymerase of methylamino complexes in presence of a weak base (Lewis acid).

Orthogonal serine/threonine-specific GSK-3 inhibitors


  • Désactivation sélective du récepteur NMDAR1 (Ser133?)
    • Note: Ser133 ? (NMDAR1): un récepteur critique à la formation de la protéine beta-amyloid (APP) 4 d'après de récentes études à ce sujet. [2]


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