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*Heather Piwowar
*Heather Piwowar
*DataONE postdoc at Dryad
*Postdoc Associate for [ DataONE] with [ Dryad] at [ NESCent]
*I live in Vancouver, Canada and have an honourary postdoc appointment in the [ Department of Zoology] at the University of British Columbia in [ the Biodiversity Centre]
*[ website], [ blog], [ friendfeed], [ twitter], [ linkedin]....
*[[Special:Emailuser/Heather A Piwowar|Email me through OpenWetWare]]
*[[Special:Emailuser/Heather A Piwowar|Email me through OpenWetWare]]

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Contact Info


  • PhD in 2010, University of Pittsburgh
  • Masters of Science in 2006, University of Pittsburgh
    • Biomedical Informatics, concentration in Bioinformatics
  • Masters of Engineering in 1996, MIT
    • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, concentration in Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Bachelors of Science in 1995, MIT
    • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, GPA 4.9/5.0

Industry Experience

Ten years of software engineering/do-what-needs-doing experience in a variety of small and energetic IT companies.

Peer-reviewed papers

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  5. Piwowar HA, Chapman (2008) Linking database submissions to primary citations with PubMed Central In: BioLINK 2008. [biolink2008]
  6. Piwowar HA (2008) Prevalence and Patterns of Biomedical Research Data Reuse In: JCDL 2008 Doctoral Consortium. [jcdl2008]
  7. Piwowar HA, Chapman (2008) A review of journal policies for sharing research data In: ELPUB 2008. [elpub2008]
  8. Harkema, Piwowar HA, Amizadeh, Dowling, Ferraro, Haug, Chapman. (2008) A Baseline System for the i2b2 Obesity Challenge, In: i2b2 2008 Workshop. [i2b22008]
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All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

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