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Restriction sites: [ NEB Cutter2]
Restriction sites: [ NEB Cutter2]
PCR-Primer (Tm-calculation and more): [ Netprimer]
PCR-Primer (Tm-calculation and more): [ Netprimer]

Current revision

Hello. I work as a laboratory technician at the working group "Environmental Microbiology" at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany).


Beside other topics our group works with Rhodococcus and Nocardioides strains.

  • Overexpression of rhodococcus genes, either in E. coli or in Rhodococcus.
  • Investigation of biosurfactans produced by different rhodococcus strains.
  • Knock-out of genes in rhodococcus.

Usefull Links

Translates DNA -> AA: EMBOSS Transeq

Restriction sites: NEB Cutter2

PCR-Primer (Tm-calculation and more): Netprimer

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