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[ Molecular Cloning - A laboratory manual. 4th edition]
[ Molecular Cloning - A laboratory manual. 4th edition]
[ Handbook of Systems Biology]

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Title Publisher/series Year Price Link Comment
Nucleic acids Methods in molecular biology 1985 -
PCR Protocols: Current Methods and ApplicationsMethods in molecular biology (Vol 15)1993 £64
PCR Cloning protocols, 2nd editionMethods in molecular biology (vol 192)2002€129 chapter on enzyme-free cloning and a chapter on "Using T4 DNA Polymerase to Generate Clonable PCR Products".
E. coli plasmid vectors Methods in molecular biology 2003$126 (Amazon)
Enzymes of molecular biology Methods in molecular biology 1993£70 (Amazon)
In Silico Systems Biology Methods in molecular biology 2013$98 (Amazon)
Systems Metabolic Engineering Methods in molecular biology 2012$175 (Amazon)
Data mining for Systems Biology Methods in molecular biology 2013$95 (Springer)
DNA BarcodesMethods in molecular biology 2012€110 (Springer)
Microbial systems biologyMethods in molecular biology 2012$159.00 (Amazon) chapters on "Bacterial Genome Annotation", "Complex Network Analysis in Microbial Systems: Theory and Examples" (Zavareh and Almaas), "Development of Constraint-Based System-Level Models of Microbial Metabolism", "Modeling a Minimal Cell" and "Mass Spectrometry-Based Microbial Metabolomics".
Plant DNA fingerprintingMethods in molecular biology 2012$25 (Springer MyCopy)
Microbial metabolic engineeringMethods in molecular biology 2012$25 (Springer MyCopy) on quantifying plasmid numbers, biolumiscent reporter genes (lux), FBA for metabolic engineering,
Synthetic Gene NetworksMethods in molecular biology 2012$25 (Springer MyCopy) chapters on In Silico Implementation of Synthetic Gene Networks,Standardization in Synthetic Biology,Robust Optimal Design of Synthetic Biological Networks
Network BiologyMethods in molecular biology 2011$25 (Springer MyCopy)
In silico Tools for Gene discoveryMethods in molecular biology 2011$25 (Springer MyCopy)
Light MicroscopyMethods in molecular biology 2011$25 (Springer MyCopy)
Strain EngineeringMethods in molecular biology 2011$25 (Springer MyCopy) chapter by Lahle and Valla.
PCR protocols, 3d editionMethods in molecular biology (Vol 687) 2011$25 (Springer MyCopy)
Bioinformatics - an introductionComputational Biology2009 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
Heterologous Gene Expression in E.coliMethods in molecular biology2011$25 (Springer MyCopy)
PCR Mutation Detection protocolsMethods in molecular biology2011$25 (Springer MyCopy)
Computational BiologyMethods in molecular biology2010$25 (Springer MyCopy) chapters on Sequencing and Genome Assembly Using Next-Generation Technologies, Protein Structure Modeling, Template-Based Protein Structure Modeling and RNA structure prediction.
Systems BiologyMethods in molecular biology2009$25 (Springer MyCopy) chapter by Navid and Almaas.
Design and Analysis of Biomolecular Circuits?2011$25 (Springer MyCopy) chapter with discussion of SLIC, Gibson Assembly and CPEC
Systems Biology and Biotechnology of E coli?2009€25 (Springer MyCopy)
Chemical genomics - reviews and protocols ?2005 chapter on LIC for high-throughput proteomics
Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis?
PCR for clinical microbiology?2010€25 (Springer MyCopy)

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Oligonucleotide synthesis

Short protocols in molecular biology

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Microbial Gene Essentiality: Protocols and Bioinformatics

NCBI Bookshelf:

Transcription Factor Protocols

Introduction to Systems Biology

Your passport to a career in bioinformatics

New High Throughput Technologies for DNA Sequencing and Genomics

Molecular Cloning - A laboratory manual. 4th edition

Python for Bioinformatics

Positive review at

Exploring Personal genomics


Next Generation Sequencing Informatics (CSH Press, 2013)


Book series:

Prioritized shopping list:

Python for Bioinformatics (Sebastian Bassi).

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Reason: Relevant for clinical genomics.

Bioinformatics - An introduction (€25). Reason. Background reading for bioinformatics study.

Introduction to Systems Biology.

Prioritized learning fields:

Human genomics and SNPs.

Next-Generation/High-throughput sequencing and genome assembly.


E. coli.

Systems Biology.

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